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Professor Mahbub Zaman (BA Hons LSB, MA Essex, PhD Manchester) has internationally recognised expertise, acquired over nearly two decades of research and teaching, in Auditing and Corporate Governance. He is Professor of Accounting at Hull University Business School. His previous experience includes:

at QUT Business School, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, and associate professor and Director of the PhD (A&F) Programme, at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK and appointments at University of Glasgow, University of Exeter and Aberystwyth University.

Mahbub has been a visiting professor at: Aarhus University (Denmark); Deakin University Melbourne (Australia) and University of Florida (USA).

Professor Zaman has has published, inter-alia, in:

Focusing on the intersection of auditing, reporting and governance and using mixed methods (archival, survey and qualitative) and multiple (agency, institutional and power) theoretical perspectives he brings novel insights to the literature and contributes to understanding of issues relevant to policy and practice. His key contributions and on-going research relate to audit committee and board effectiveness, audit quality, auditor reporting, standard setting and regulation, governance and sustainability.

Research Leadership: