Research conducted by Mahbub has been presented at leading international conferences and university seminars in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the UK.


2023, ESC Universite de Sfax, Tunisia. Keynote Speaker, 'Connecting the Global and Local for Research Relevance and Impact'.

2023, University of Sussex Business School, UK. Guest Seminar.

2023, Seville University, Spain. Guest Seminar.

2022, ESG-UQAM, Montreal, Canada, Visiting Professor and Conference Speaker. Chaire de coopération Guy-Bernie. 

2021, ACCA-UWE Future of Accounting Symposium, Guest Speaker.

2021, Southampton University, UK, invited research seminar.

2020, Sustainable Development and Governance Conference, Monash Universtiy, Australia, guest speaker.

2020, Nottingham University, UK, invited research seminar.

2020, UWE Bristol, UK, invited research seminar.

2019, Society for Business Ethics Conference, Boston, USA.

2019, British Accounting and Finance Association AFEE SIG, Prague, Czech Republic.

2019, Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland, invited guest speaker.

2019, 18th International Business Congress, Turkey, keynote speaker.

2019, University of Portsmouth, UK, invited staff seminar.

2018 Politecnico de Milano, Italy invited staff seminar.

2017, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, invited staff seminar.

2017, 23rd Annual International Symposium on Auditing Research, Sydney, Australia.

2017, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, invited staff seminar.

2017, European Accounting Association 40th Annual Congress, Valencia, Spain.

2017, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain, invited staff seminar.

2016, AFAANZ Conference, Gold Coast Australia - presenter/discussant.

2016, University of New South Wales, Sydney, invited staff seminar.

2016, Macquarie University, Sydney, invited staff seminar.

2016, Politecnico de Milano, Italy, invited guest lecture.

2015, University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, visiting professor.

2015, European Accounting Association 38th Annual Congress, Glasgow, UK.

2014, 12th European Conference on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance, Milan, Italy.

2014, University of Glasgow, UK,  invited staff seminar.

2014, University of Newcastle, UK, invited staff seminar.

2013, Aarhus University, Denmark, invited staff seminar.

2013, Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia Conference, guest speaker.

2013, European Accounting Association 36th Annual Congress, Paris, France.

2013, MMU Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, invited staff seminar.

2012, 10th Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting (IPA) Conference, Cardiff, UK.

2012, Implemeting International Financial Reporting Standards Conference, Qasim, Saudi Arabia.

2012, EIASM 10th International Workshop on Corporate Governance, Brussels.

2011, European Auditing Research Network 6th Symposium, Bergen, Norway - presenter, discussant, chair

2011, Stockholm University Business School, invited staff seminar

2011, Griffith University, Australia, invited staff seminar

2011, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, invited staff seminar

2011, LaTrobe University, Australia, invited staff seminar

2011, Accounting & Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ), Darwin, Australia - discussant

2011, Deakin University, Australia, invited staff seminar

2011, Canadian Accounting Association Conference, Toronto, Canada - presenter, discussant, chair

2011, European Accounting Association Congress, Rome, Italy – presenter, discussant

2010, APIRA (AAAJ) Conference, Sydney, Australia – presenter / respondent

2010, 4th European Risk Research Conference, Nottingham, UK – presenter, discussant/ chair

2009, European Auditing Research Network 5th Symposium, Valencia, Spain – presenter, discussant

2009, Durham Business School, invited staff seminar

2008, Global Internal Audit & Corporate Governance Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands - presenter

2007, European Auditing Research Network 4th Symposium, Aarhus, Denmark – presenter, discussant

2006, World Congress on Accounting, Istanbul, Turkey – presenter, discussant

2006, Copenhagen Business School, invited staff seminar

2006, University of Ghent, Belgium, invited staff seminar

2005, European Auditing Research Network 4th Symposium, Netherlands – presenter, discussant

2005, Aarhus Business School, Denmark, November, invited staff seminar

2005, European Conference on Internal Control and Governance, City University, London

2005, Darmstadt Technical University, Germany, September, invited staff seminar

2005, University of Essex, March, invited staff seminar

2005, European Auditing Research Network 3rd Symposium, Amsterdam – discussant

2004, British Accounting Assocition Corporate Governance Conference, Nottingham – session chair/discussant

2004, APIRA (AAAJ) Conference, Singapore – session moderator, presenter

2003, European Auditing Research Network 2nd Symposium, Manchester – session chair, discussant

2003, European Accounting Association Congress, Seville, Spain – presenter

2002, Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference, New York, US – presenter

2001, European Auditing Research Network 1st Symposium, Germany – presenter, discussant

2001, International Workshop on Accounting & Regulation, Sienna, Italy – presenter